Marc Lore Billionaire Interview

The following is an interview with Marc Lore who is the founder of The Pit,, and  In this great interview he provides the following insights:

  1. He goes all-in on what he does, he will do whatever it takes and he will not let it fail.
  2. Marc looks for things that most people write off as 0% probability deals, that have a small chance of working.  He believes that those are the opportunities nobody is touching that could grow massively.
  3. Every company should have 3 values or less that they drive home constantly
  4. Execution is far more important than the idea, don't worry about being too creative and never getting started on something.
  5. Marc is a firm believer that being a good person, being kind, empathetic, etc. is more important than being smart when hiring or bringing up his children.

Video Source: Impact Theory

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