In this video billionaire Dr. Bharat Sangani shares on stage in Singapore at an event our Family Office Club hosted at the Raffles Hotel there on how he built a $1B+ organization that now employees over 4,000 team members.  Dr. Sangani has spoken at over 15 of our events to date, he has been a client for over 10 years, and we have closed on 17 transactions together.  He has taught me how to listen, how to save time in negotiations, new ways to structure deals, and to enjoy the process while building a large organization.  If you would like to work with Dr. Sangani or Encore please submit the form below the video as I help identify opportunities for his family office to invest into.  In this presentation he will share his top insights which are unique from what I have taken away from our work together, I hope you enjoy it.

To date we have met with and create profiles and have the preferences documented on over 100 families worth $1B+ and as this rolodex grows we will be able to add more value to those connected to our platform. To learn more about how we could be a resource you in working with investors or formalizing your single family office or providing structure, strategy, or deal flow to it please complete the form below.