We have learned that often the structure of an investment is as important if not more so than the strategy behind the opportunity. With the wrong structure your upside may be capped, downside may not be protected, and interests could be missaligned. If your priority is to scale a business with growth capital without dilution there is a way to structure that so investors get a good return and then their equity is redeemed, if the goal is to negotiate an investment into a company which has many risks there are ways to structure an investment to get your initial investment off the table more quickly without losing your upside.


Many of the most sophisticated families who have been worth over $100M for over 10 years develop their own propietary operating and investment structures which give them another edge over what would have been their financial results using typical investment models. Whether it is structuring your virtual family office, developing a large acreage, putting together your trusts, or structuring an investment you are negotiating, we can assist with pulling from best practices gleaned through setting up over 100 family office investment structures over the past 14 years. To start the conversation please complete the form below.