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The effective ultra-wealthy family documents their strike zone for investing, has a Charter Document in place, has acquired and identified choke points in its strategic sandbox, and has developed nuanced strategies to grow within their 1-2 industries of choice. For many families who have just taken a company public, sold a business, or inherited wealth there is a gap in knowing how to start developing such strategies. Until you have a strategic set of options to pursue and a private investor compass to guide and prioritize your capital and energy investment opportunities are a distraction. Once you have set your investment platform strategy and have momentum you can more quickly conduct due diligence, say no instantly to most opportunities, and position yourself as a private investor to attract more qualified opportunities for your unique set of resources and capabilities.

It is through knowing your strengths, plan, and position with great clarity that peers will also start to refer over opportunities and invest alongside of you as the lead investor into certain investments. If you do not have a Charter Document, Private Investor Compass, Strategic Choke Points, or a Platform Strategy set for your own investment plans, or you would like to develop those further please complete the form below to discuss implementation of these components.