Exclusive Interview With Don Wenner

“I know I am willing to learn from others who are successful”

Don and I have gotten to meet several times now, and he is booked to be a keynote speaker at one of our 1,000+ person investor club summits soon. Don is author of the book, “Building an Elite Organization” which is a operating system book for scaling any business, but works particularly well apparently for investment organizations as Don has scaled his own to $4 Billion+ in AUM using it.

What my team and I appreciate most about Don is that he is 100% present and humble when you talk to him, constantly improving, and 100% dedicated to succeeding in many areas of life including family, health, and socially with friends. Too much of our industry is focused on keeping score only with dollars. The content we create ourselves on becoming ultra-wealthy, emotional health, and sharing our family adventures at our events is done in an attempt to spread the same message that Don does through his book and life.

I would recommend you picking up a copy of his book right now, because 1) You should stop reading all books until you have read every book written by billionaires (there are 240 of them) and 2) Every organization could pick up a few reminders, new processes, or growth tools that Don and his company (DLP Capital) employ.

I hope you enjoy this interview, and like Jeff Hoffman and Tony Robbins, Don Wenner is someone I want to be more like when I “grow up” and is one of the top 5 billionaires I have connected with since acquiring Billionaires.com.

1) What was the major turning point, point of increased momentum, or strategic choke point, that once you acquired or completed, made everything you were doing surge forward?

The major turning point for me, was intentionally committing to scale. Deciding, I do not just want to make money and be successful, but that I want to build a truly great company. A company that makes an impact. Then committing to the hard work of building the disciplined “twenty mile march” centered operating system to support that- what we call the elite execution system, Most importantly building the culture & leadership to drive the growth. Investing in people is the key to being able to build a truly enduring great company.

2) What is the most valuable strategy, worth far more than $1 million, that you wish someone provided you with early on that you can share here?

The belief that I can do anything, if I am willing to do the work- the work to learn and to do- this is having a Growth Mindset ( great book called Mindset by Carol Dweck ), . So many of us having limiting beliefs to what is possible, these artificial ceilings to what we can accomplish, what we are capable of, what people who come from where we came from are able to do. I always have the confidence I can achieve anything, be the best at anything because I am confident I will do the work. I know I am willing to learn from others who are successful, have the expertise in what I want to do I will couple that learning with immense action and do the work necessary.

In addition, the understanding that we all strive for meaning in our lives. A connection to a purpose/meaning bigger than ourselves. That connection starts with a relationship with Jesus, in my view. Many people are out looking for connection and purpose scrolling through their phone- looking to be inspired. The real path to meaning in our lives, starts with a relationship with Jesus., and is magnified in our time here on earth by doing a hard days work. Work hard. Add value to people’s lives. Great value comes from knowing you are helping people, making an impact.

3) What is the #1 most costly mistake you have made, seen many investors make, or business owners make that could be avoided?

I see so many business leaders and investors allow their priorities to be out order.

I have seen so many business owners / leaders & investors put so much focus on financial success and completely miss the real risks.

As my mentor Lloyd Reeb often says, “ Sacrificing the priceless for the merely valuable.”

The things that really matter are – faith, family, and health. Put the same intentional focus on your marriage as your business. Put the same level of focus on instilling family values, having a clear vision and mission for your family, as you do your business. Focus as much on family communication and connection as on tax and investments.

I see so many business leaders who are so intentional and focused in their business and investments , but lack anywhere near the same intense focus on their family, on their relationship with the Lord, or their health. They get later in life filled with regrets, often in poor health, a marriage that lacks intimacy, and children who lack drive, ambition and often who do not have a strong relationship with their parents.

I believe their are 8’fs of life as I call it- Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Freedom, Fun, Fulfillment, and finance . You can be successful in all of these areas at the same time. It takes intentionality, clear purpose, strong Goal setting, Grit, a Growth mindset, and hardest of all for many, being able to be present.