Exclusive Interview with Louis Spagnuolo

“You can’t be great some of the time, you need to be great all of the time”

We are excited to share an interview here with Louis David Spagnuolo, who is a serial entrepreneur, owner of PrivateJet.com and works in the insurance and ultra-wealthy family services space.

What is the #1 most costly mistake you have made or see many investors or business owners make that could be avoided?

Lack of two main things contribute to the failure of most investors and business owners.

1) Consistency. You can’t be great some of the time, you need to be great all of the time. It’s absolutely critical to deploy extreme consistency with every objective you have in your life.

2) Patience. Nothing will ever advance as fast as your desires, so it’s critical to employ patience so that your dreams have time to grow into your realities.

What is a strategy worth far more than $1 million that you wish someone provided you with earlier on that you can share here?

The best strategy is to first acknowledge you are not and expert in every aspect of business and that when it comes to a task or area you may be unfamiliar with, the key is to seek out the foremost expert and have them supply the expertise, experience and guidance which in turn will lead you to the current decision.

What was the major turning point, point of increased momentum, or strategic chokepoint, that once acquired or completed made everything you were doing surge forward?

Belief in yourself. Once you have supreme belief in yourself, no problem or challenge can be too great and thus no doubt will ever have the need to enter into you mind, thus clearing your path to success.