Mitzi Perdue on Family Values & Family Office Legacy Planning

“Give people a better vision of themselves”

Below are a few videos from Mitzi Perdue who is from the Perdue Chicken family, and married into the Sheraton Hotel family. The three videos below are from Family Office Club meetings, she has given headline talks at multiple Single Family Office Summits over the last several years. Mitzi is passionate about fighting against human trafficking, is genuinely a nice great person to work with, and she shares some powerful insights here for those looking to pass on family stories, values, and objectives to help protect wealthy families from each other, outsiders, and lack of direction. If your family is ultra-wealthy, if you care about passing on values to the next generation, or if you work with wealthy families and want to understand better how to add value to them, these three videos will be worthwhile to review and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did while watching them live at these investor club events.