Here is a short 5 minute video clip with 5 pieces of advice from Mukash Ambani, the wealthiest individual in India and founder of Reliance Industries. In this video he suggests:

1. Find a real problem you are passionate about, ask yourself if that is the right problem to solve, and if your solution is the right one to work on

2. Treat investor's capital better and more carefully than your own.

3. You must be an optimist, a source of positive energy, and have an excellent team. Why would a billionaire give such basic advice? Is it because in amassing $100B+ strategy that he hasn't learned more unique and complex lessons to share?  Most likely it is because so many people miss being an optimist or building an excellent team above all else, and without this you won't reach your full potential.

4. Don't focus on the money first, focus on your mission, and aim for greater good, and the financial results will come next.

5. You will fail a lot, more than anyone will know, but that doesn't matter, nobody will remember that once you become successful

Video Source: Bloomberg